What is your third eye?

  • The third eye is the energetic center located in the center of the head that is a doorway to your inner space of consciousness.
  • The third eye is the natural gate that allows you to access the inner worlds. When the third eye is open, you will have psychic impressions, clairvoyant perception, and extrasensory experiences.
  • Present in many different traditions and cultures worldwide is knowledge about the third eye.  The third eye is called many names, including the third eye chakra, pineal gland, mind’s eye, Cave of Christos,  brow chakra, Cave of Brahma, 2nd sight, psychic eye, and more.  

Opening your third eye is not only about becoming psychic or opening clairvoyant perception. It is about being able to see into the higher realms of light to have clear insight and intuition about life. This will help you to be more prosperous and safer. You will also receive intuitive guidance, inspiration, and teachings from the higher power. Opening your third eye is about unlocking your higher consciousness.

Know that opening your third eye is possible for you. Having clear psychic ability is a natural biological function of your body to be able to see beyond the physical.  Because of the modern age and all its distractions, most people are simply used to focusing on the physical realm, and their extrasensory perception muscles have gotten weak.

Opening your third eye is absolutely possible for you if you are willing to do the training. 

There is really no substitute for meditation when it comes to being able to awaken the third eye chakra.

Your pineal gland (thought to be the center of your third eye is located in the center of your brain. Your pineal gland light has light receptor cell!  Why is this?  No physical light can enter that area of your brain.  Your pineal gland has light receptor cells because it functions as the physical organ of your third eye.   Your third eye sees into the higher dimensions of light.

It takes practice to calm the monkey mind’s need to jump around, so you can relax more fully and allow the opening of your third eye to unfold.

What is the best way to open your third eye?

The Best Way to Open The Third Eye Chakra

Before one can become supernormal, one has to become normal. Awakening requires self-cleansing and healing – getting rid of negative emotional imprints and conditioning.

The most effective method for opening the third eye is a simple meditation practice.

This practice works!

It’s easy. Sit quietly for 10 mins and focus without dividing your attention. Focus on enhancing whatever attributes you believe your 3rd eye controls. While focusing on the attributes of the 3rd eye, imagine those energies moving up into your 3rd eye and pooling there.

Breathe in and out and relax. See your third eye chakra opening and those energies expanding through your being. Feel it’s exhilaration. Sit quietly and radiate in the experience. Do this daily, and soon you will witness something happening. Don’t look for the experience; let it come when it wants to, so don’t focus on when it’s going to open just do the ritual of opening it. Let it truly open in its own time. Trust you will know it when it happens.

Why should you open your third eye?

Opening your third eye empowers you clearly see in into the higher dimensions.   You will also begin to receive clear guidance, insight, and intuitive impressions, reclaiming your natural human abilities and your connection to the Divine.

Practice For Opening Your Third Eye

How to open your third eye?

Opening Your 3rd Eye!

Find a place where you can sit comfortably and relax undisturbed. It is best to do this practice sitting up rather than laying down so you can keep your mind engaged and not fall asleep. Sit with your spine aligned upright, straight, and vertical, either sitting in a chair or on the floor.

Sit in an upright position, close your eyes and breathe.  Shift your awareness within by breathing and focusing on your heart center. Breathe, nice deep, slow breaths.

Breath in deeply and imagine you are breathing light into your heart center. Allow your heart to open, filling with bright golden light. Breathe out all darkness or stagnant energy. Repeat at least 30 times.

Allow your inner divine light to shine within your heart center brightly.  As you tune into this, just take a few minutes to breathe, relax and become fully present at this moment.

Allow your heart to open by focusing your attention in the center of your heart and breathing deeply.  Breath light into the center of your heart.  Tune into the glowing light within.

Allow your awareness to expand and rise up to the center of your forehead.  With practice, your heart light will begin to rise up in a column of light, at the very center of your being, all the way into the center of your head and into your third eye. 

Keep your focus now on your third eye.

Let the light enter into the center forehead, sinking into the center of your head. Light will begin to expand around your head, glowing. Just sit in that light and resonate.

Shift your focus slightly so that you’re focused on the area of your third eye, which is between your eyebrows and up an inch or two.

Find the sensation of your third eye. Tune into the pulsing, glowing, warmth, slight pressure, or whatever it is you feel in the center of your forehead.  Tune into that sensation and focus.

Don’t use logic to find your third eye. Instead, allow your attention to focus in the middle of your forehead, and just look for a tingling or a pulsing sensation. Look for any sensation really, look for the energetic indication of your third eye.

It’s important to relax and BREATHE when you’re doing this. You want your mind to be centered, alert and empty.  You will sense a feeling of space.  Keep your attention on your third eye. If you feel your attention drifting, bring it back to your third eye.

Bring your attention and awareness up into your mind’s eye, into your third eye, looking for and feeling the glowing sensation and warmth.

Once you feel the energy, focus on it entirely. Observe the pulsing energy of your third eye.

Imagine that you’re moving your awareness to the center of that sensation.

Continue moving your awareness deeper into the center of your third eye.

Continue with this process of focusing your attention further into the center of your third eye.

Be sure you keep your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders relaxed.   You may try to strain or look for something. Just relax, and focus on the glowing in your third eye center, allowing whatever appears to just be.

Stay focused on the feeling sensation of your third eye and moving deeper into the center of your third eye are your inner sight expands. You are not forcing anything.  You are expanding your awareness.  This takes practice and training.  It is not meant to happen in days or weeks.

 Much training is necessary to strengthen your mind to handle your access to new information opened up to you by unlocking the third eye.

Allow and observe what images appear before your third eye.  Don’t try to visualize anything or decipher what you see. You’re just observing and allowing light naturally to appear.  Just observe and continue to focus on the tingling, expanding sensation in the center of your forehead as you keep going deeper and deeper into that feeling.

When images naturally begin to appear in your mind’s eye, your mind will have a tendency to grasp for them. This is the monkey mind.  You must learn to control the monkey mind.  When this happens just relax and breathe.

 Let go of the need to grasp what you are experiencing, and just observe what images are being presented to you. Refocus on your third eye center and just observe everything you are experiencing.  Observe the images, sensations, light, and colors as you continue to move deeper within.

With your training your consciousness, you naturally will reach a point where your third eye activates and begins to expand and radiate light.

You may begin to feel spiraling energy; this is your kundalini opening.  Just allow whatever happens and keep bringing your attention to your third eye.

Continue to focus on your third eye and the inner screen opening up before you.

Know that with practice, you will likely reach a point where it feels like true psychic space opens up for you.  Just observe when this happens. Relax, and allow this to be. Focus on that continuous movement deeper into the center of your mind’s eye.

With training and practice, you get to the inner psychic screen of dark purple light.  This is your psychic screen where images appear to you.

As you open up, stay relaxed.  With your third inner eye, observe and notice any changes. As you continue your practice, your guides, the Divine or the higher realms of Spirit, may begin to reveal to you through your vision as you open your mind’s eye.

Don’t be attached to what you receive; just observe and let go.  When you’re first opening your third eye, much of what you see won’t make sense. Don’t try to figure it out, Just focus on the training.  The practice will teach you. Keep with your training, and know that more will be revealed to you as you open your third eye.

This is a simple meditation technique for opening your third eye.  There are many techniques and practices for opening and developing your third eye. This is a simple one that will help you calm your monkey mind, which is the first key to opening your third eye.